Divorce & Parenting Family Conflict

Divorce can be wrenching, especially when kids are involved, but there’s a lot you can do to help children cope and to heal yourself. Just because a marriage doesn’t work out doesn’t always mean that a divorce can’t either…it is possible to co-parent, even if you don’t like that other person! There is a way to “free” yourself from giving all of your personal power away to your ex-spouse (which only leads to an existence of bitterness, resentment and becoming “stuck” in the lingering issues of your dissolved marriage).

If you’re a parent dealing with divorce, try to remember that your child needs you now more than ever. Offering reassurance, hope, and a sense of stability can help ease the effects of divorce on children of all ages. In providing stability and consistency for your child, you need to first gain balance within you. I can help you reclaim and create a different, healthier way of being and relating to your exspouse, even when the other may be attempting to engaging in what seems to be irrational, one-sided or simply “crazy” behavior. After all, if it didn’t work then, it probably will not work now!

Ask yourself this…”What will your kids story be about how their parents “showed up” after they divorced?”… How do YOU want to show up for them?