Personal Wellness

What personal issues are on your mind? Life for all of us at one time or another may generate physical, emotional, psychological, financial or social concerns. Although such concerns are common, they may sometimes make it difficult to function. We become depressed…stuck! Recognizing that you may need help is the first step toward resolving any concern.

Depression is depression, defined by a series of symptoms that involve changes in sleep, energy, concentration, appetite, or sexual activity. You don’t need to have a reason to develop a depression, though if there is a particular event that may have precipitated it (e.g., a loss, a separation), that may be relevant to the psychotherapy and understanding one’s vulnerabilities to depression.
Depression is different from normal grief or sadness. Grief or sadness related to an event does not involve disruptions of sleep and appetite or thoughts of suicide. In fact, normal grief can become complicated by a depression, which in turn can interfere with the resolution of the grief; so, in other words, depression is a syndrome involving many components, and whatever causes it (we don’t really know), it should get treated.

Remember, it’s not what has happened or not happened, it’s what you tell yourself about what has or has not happened! I can help you understand how you remain imprisoned in living a life that perpetuates sadness, hopelessness and silent suffering and help you find your truth to living free, that which has been with you all along. Let’s get unstuck.